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Our Patriots

Our list below includes all Revolutionary War patriots under whom our chapter's members have joined since
we were established in 1923. Look through the names carefully; maybe your patriot is already listed!

Patriots fall under a number of categories of service, for the period between 19 April 1775 (Battle of
Lexington) and 26 November 1783 (withdrawal of British troops from New York).

  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Military Service
  • Civil Service
  • Patriotic Service

For a complete listing of each category of service go to NSDAR acceptable service page.

Wa-Pe-Ke-Way Chapter is proud of the fact that we have at least seventeen Revolutionary War patriots
buried in Hendricks County. Throughout the years, our chapter has marked the known grave sites.

View the list of patriots buried in Hendricks County

Connecticut Flag Delaware Flag Georgia Flag Maryland Flag
Ebenezer Balch-Patriotic Ser.
Abisha Bingham-Sergeant
Ashael Bronson-Private
Thomas Brooks-Private
Josiah Crampton-Private
Oliver Everitt-Fifer
Adriel Ely-2nd Lieutenant
Robert Hopkins-Private
Caleb Hough-Private
Ezekiel Maine-Patriotic Ser.
Philologas Webster-Private
Noah Welles-Chaplain
Azariah Whittlesey-Cmdr.
Dyer Woodworth-Private
Mathias Masten-Soldier
John Norman-Soldier
William Robbins-Sld./Patr. Ser.
William Richardson-Private
Richard Allison-Pvt./Patr. Ser.
Edwin Booth-Private
John Darnell-Patriotic Ser.
John Day-Private
John Davis-Capt./Patriotic Ser.
John Dodson-Private
John Eisell-Private
John Gettinger-Patriotic Ser.
William Griffith-Private
Handy Handley-Private
Christian Hoffert-Patriotic Ser.
James Lewis-Private
Andrew Malone-Corporal
Jacob Mefford-Private
Charles Polk-Captain
James Prichard-Captain
William Rippeth-Private
Daniel Shelor-Captain
Thomas Smith-Patriotic Ser.
Charles Swearnger-Col/Patr. Ser.
Alexander Tucker-Private
George Twillwy-Private
Thomas Wedding, Jr.-Private
James Wells-Colonel
William Winchester-Patriotic Ser.
Massachusetts Flag New Hampshire Flag New Jersey Flag  
Sampson Bixby-Private
Nathaniel Chapman-Captain
Levi Cook-Private
John Eastman-Private
Joseph Eastman-Private
John Edson-Private
Robert Houston-Seaman
Jeremiah Hutchins-Civil Ser.
William Hutchins-Private
David Jipson-Private
Stephen Mitchell-Private
William Moulton-Private
William Stacy-Lt. Col./Patr. Ser.
Stephen Taft-2nd Lieutenant
John Tobey-Lieutenant
Benjamin Tower-Private
Nathaniel Wales, Jr.-Private
New Hampshire
Jacob Blasdel-Lieutenant
Nathaniel Webster-Private
New Jersey
Josiah Albertson-Private
Alexander Buchanan-Private
Timothy Breese-Private
Daniel Britton-Private
Enos Campbell-Private
Abraham Clark-Patriotic Service
Frederick Cramer-Captain
Lawrence DeMotte-Patr. Ser.
David Edward-Captain
John Fislar-Private
Joel Garrison-Pvt./Drummer
Andras Malick-Captain
David Moore-Private
New York Flag North Carolina Flag Pennsylvania Flag  
New York
John Carhart-Private
Matthew Concklin-Sld./Patr.Ser.
Azariah Crandall-Private
Judah Lawrence-Sergeant
Elias Ploughe-Private
William Shepaherd-Private
John Sixbey-Private
John St. John-Private
William Van Covenhaven-Pvt.
Lovina Totten White-Nurse
Stephen Yeoman-Pvt./Patr. Ser.
North Carolina
Humphrey Bates-Private
William Beasley-Private
Jehu Burkhart-Patriotic Ser.
Loedwick Clapp-Private
Samuel Clark-Patriotic Ser.
Samuel E. Clark-Patriotic Ser.
Edward Curry-Private
William Davis-Sergeant
Chesley Dobbs-Private
John Douthitt-Patriotic Ser.
Julius Duggar-Private
Jeremiah Green-Private
Joshua Hadley-Patriotic Ser.
Lemuel Hatch, Jr.-Soldier
John Hockett-Private
Issac Holman-Private
William Horner-Patriotic Ser.
Lewis Jernigan-Patriotic Service
Samuel Job-Patriot
Joseph Johnston-Private
Benjamin Lancaster-Patr. Ser.
William Lawrence-Private
John Luckie-Private
Robert Luckie-Private
Matthew Markland-Civil Service
Mordicha Mendenhall-Patr. Ser.
John M. Merritt-Patriot
Thomas Moore-Private
William Paisley-Private
Robert Peele, Jr.-Patriotic Ser.
John Scalf-Corporal
Levi Scott-Private
Nathaniel Smith-Soldier
Samuel Thompson-Private
William Townsend-Private
William Voyles-Private
John Waymire-Patrotic Ser.
Issac White-Patriotic Ser.
William Wiley-Private
Richard Williams-Private
Samuel Wilson-Private
Benjamin N. Wright-Private
Jacob Yount-Soldier
Garret Applegate-Private
John Bradford-Pvt./Patr. Ser.
Benjamin Brewer-Private
George Buchanan-Patr. Ser.
Thomas Carr-Captain
Jacob Clyne-Private
John Commingore-Private
Richard Crooks-Private
John Darnall-Private
Ephraim Douglas-LtQM
James Drummond, Jr.-Pvt.
Benjamin Dye-Soldier
John Elwell-Sergeant
Nicholas Ensminger-Solider
Henry Eyman-Private
John Faucett-Private
Peter Flickinger-Private
Alexander Foster-Private
Charles Geiger-Lieutenant
Robert Gibson-Captain
Samuel Harper-Private
James Heddleston-Private
Matthew Henderson-Patr. Ser.
Abram Hendricks-2nd Lt.
Ezekiel Hickman-1st Lt.
Felix Hughes-Patriotic Ser.
Arthur Inghram-Private
William James-Patriot
Thomas Johnston-Lt/Civil Ser.
George Maris-Private
William McClure-Captain
Daniel McFarland-Colonel
John Miller-Sgt/Patriotic Ser.
William Morton-Private
Philip Null-Private
Thomas Piety-Private
Samuel Ramsay-Private
Samuel Riddle-Lieutenant
William Ritchey-Patriotic Ser.
Alexander Ross-Private
Samuel Seals-Private
Michael Shriner-Private
Joshua Skidmore-Patriotic Ser.
John Ludwig Snyder-Private
William Stevens-Pvt./Patr. Ser.
James Taggart-Private
Jacob Thomas-Private
Anthony Thompson-Sergeant
Leonard Thrush-Private
Christian Van Gundy-Sergeant
Jacob Van Meter-Patriotic Ser.
John Wall-Captain
Amos Walton-Private
John Wiley-Private
Thomas Woodward-Private
John Yocum-Private
Rhode Island Flag South Carolina Flag Virginia Flag  
Rhode Island
James Chase, Sr.-Patriotic Ser.
South Carolina
John Campbell-Soldier
Redmond Crews-Private
John Green-Soldier/Patr. Ser.
Robert Hanna-Soldier
Jeremiah Harrold-Private
Arthur Parr-Sergeant
Ralph Rogers-Private/Teamster
Peter Alexander-Private
Matthew Amyx-Private
William Anderson, Jr.-Private
Francis Apperson-Private
Levi Ashbrook-Patriotic Ser.
Spencer Mottrom Ball-Patr. Ser.
Henry Barksdale-Wagoneer
Martin Baskett-Private
Thomas Beggs-Captain
Isham Belcher-Patriotic Service
Jeremiah Boone-Private
Christian Bowman, Jr.-Private
John Bradford-Private
Joseph Butler-Soldier
Micajah Callaway-Private
Justinian Cartwright-Sergeant
Richard Chenoweth-Captain
John Chenoweth-Private
James Christie-Private
Jacob Citty-Private
James Clark-Soldier
Samuel Conn-Private
Sanford R. Connelly-Patr. Ser.
William Cook-Sergeant
Jacob Coons-Lieutenant
William Davenport-Patriotic Ser.
Joseph DeBaun-Soldier
Chesley Dobbs-Private
John Durham-Pvt./Patriotic Ser.
William Ellis-Soldier
Edward Flathers-Private
John Francis-Patriotic Ser.
Abraham Fulkerson-Private
Henry Funk-Private
David Gentry-Patriotic Ser.
Jacob Gibbons-Civil Service
John Givens-Soldier/Patr. Ser.
Julius Glazebrook-Private
Matthew Gregg-Private
Nathaniel Haggard-Patriotic Ser.
William Harris-Private
William Hays-Private
Jacob Hite-Private
Isham Hodges-Patriotic Service
John Huddleston-Private
Peter Helfenstein-Major
Jacob Hiestand-Private
William Hook-Sergeant
John Hurst-Private
Andrew Jackson-Private
Edward Jackson-Private
Thomas Jameson-Patr. Ser.
William Jeffers-Private
Casper Karsner-Sld./Patr. Ser.
John Kennedy-Soldier/Patr. Ser.
Josiah Leake-Captain
Peter Livingston-Patriotic Ser.
Francis Luckett-Patriotic Ser.
James Maccoun, Sr.-Patr. Ser.
James Maccoun, Jr.-Private
Issac McBride-Private
John McCormick-Captain
John McPheeters-Private
John Merritt-Private
George Millar-Private
Zeally Moss-QM/Wagon Mst.
John Nees-Private
Michael Nees-Soldier/Patr. Ser.
John Nelson-Lieutenant
Michael O'Hair-Private
William Park-Private
Joseph Pitman-Private
Edward Poe-Sergeant
Andrew Porter-Patriotic Ser.
James Reed-Private
Fredrick Ripperdan-Patr. Ser.
James Robertson-Lt Col/Patr.
John Roush-Patriotic Ser.
John Sale-Capt/Physician
Reuben Samuel-Lieutenant
Levi Scott-Private
William Shelton Sr.-Patr. Ser.
John Shepherd-Patriotic Ser.
Thomas Shores-Capt/Patr. Ser.
John Slaughter-Lt Col/Patr. Ser.
Robert Slaughter, Sr.-Lieutenant
Robert Slaughter-Patriotic Ser.
Joseph Smith-Capt/Patr. Ser.
Samuel Steel-Captain
Andrew Stepleton-Private
Archibald Taylor-Private
Benjamin Thurmond-Patr. Service
Elias Tolin-Sergeant
Stokeley Towles-Captian
David Vawter-Private
Henry Walker-Private
George Waller-Major
William Ward-Private
Thomas Weakley-Private
Richard Whitehead-Patr. Ser.
Anthony Winston, Jr.-Captain
Caleb Witt-Private
Jesse Woodward-Patr. Ser.
John Wright-Corporal
Thomas Wyatt-Private